Computer Lab

The computer lab is capable of holding 70 students in one sitting, at JPI we have one of the best stocked computer laboratories with over 70 computers specifically for students.

The software available also ranges from commercial packages like Microsoft Office to Educational Software specifically designed to help the learner solve numerous problems ranging from Mathematics, Sciences and even relaxing (Games).

The computers are networked with High Speed Internet available to all learners.

The following are some of the subjects we offer at the computer lab:

  • Windows XP Professional
  • Word processing (Microsoft Word 2010)
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel 2010)
  • Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint 2010)
  • Databases (Microsoft Access 2010)
  • Graphics (Paint shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop)
  • Internet (ADSL)
  • Games
  • Computer Based Training Mathematics software

Apart from that, these students are able to type their home work and print using networked printer provided. In future we are intending to provide fax and photocopy facilities.

Mr. Gabby, HOD Computer Department, sees a very bright future for students undertaking Information Technology as a career. All the teachers from primary to high school are computer literate and the department is also responsible for continuous professional development of the teachers to keep them abreast with changing technology. After all we at JPI believe in the street township street lingo…“Walala Wasala” translated “you snooze, you loose!”

Computer Lab Form