the principal

our head

My Responsibility

My responsibility is to precise report on Primary Academic matters and report directly to the Executive Head and founder of the Organization. 

The Presiding Officer and the President of the Johannesburg Polytech Institute, Dr. Michael Gwanda, who also runs the business side of JPI.

Our Aim at JPI

We aim to provide concise and accurate information on matters material to Johannesburg Polytech Institute and its overall:

  • Strategy
  • Performance
  • Its ability to create value

Materiality Johannesburg Polytech Institute defines substantial matters as those matters that could significantly impact our ability to execute our strategic priorities and create value over time.

The Academic excellence remains central to our value proposition and sets us apart from other academic institutions. It remains the fundamental reason why parents choose Johannesburg Polytech Institute for their child’s education.



We invest significant resources into workshops, the research and development of academically sound methods and processes so that every student has the best possible chance to be successful.

Development and Challenges

Despite the Challenging economic conditions that could adversely affect enrolment rates, and thus the rate at which we are able to execute our growth strategy. Prudent investment and expansion activities will be a major focus every year at JPI. In every challenge JPI sees the opportunity to expand.


Statement of Purpose

We aim to BUILD and grow a high quality school in education, training and placement that is widely recognised for passionate commitment and success in enriching people’s lives and future. We aim to GROW a reputation for our ability to make a real

  • We aim to GROW a reputation for our ability to make a real difference to the people we serve, for our connectedness and partnerships with GDE and other stake-holder.
  • We will ACHIEVE this by focusing on our customers and taking a lead from our markets, by our innovative approach, especially in harnessing the power of technology, and by striving for excellence and sustainability in all we do.