Maintaining and improving our excellent academic reputation enjoys consistent attention. We offer market related remuneration combined with good working conditions in order to attract and retain the best academic staff. 

An effective human resource strategy ensures business continuity and positive societal impact. With the correct development interventions, our staff complement will accurately represent the diverse communities we serve. 

Transformation and succession planning initiatives enable us to attract, develop and retain the best talent. 

We need to ensure that our staff complement is appropriately skilled and available to fill any vacancies caused by attrition or expansion. 

Our development programmes are based on local and international best practice. We regularly conduct performance reviews against measurable outcomes to ensure that our programmes remain relevant and effective in line with GDE and we ensure that we comply fully with all regulations such as:

  • Recruiting and retaining the best teachers, lecturers and other academic staff.
  • Maintaining suitable standards of performance to protect differentiated position.
  • Entrenching new educational methods and strategies in the school.